What Parents Say

Once our little Mary was ready for preschool we searched everywhere for an environment that would meet our high demands. We visited many different centers but always found a compromise:  too small, dirty, student/teacher ratio, hours, curriculum, etc.  It seemed there was always “a catch” to each place.  However, we were thrilled when we happened upon Kiddie County in Burke.

We knew immediately walking into the school that it was a safe, clean, and happy place for children.  We saw toddlers being creative, attentively learning, and joyously playing in an open engaging environment.  Since enrolling Mary in the preschool program, she has thrived socially and educationally.  Her cognitive learning, music appreciation, creative expression, communication skills, social awareness, and conceptual understanding continue to surprise us regularly.

Other things we (and our kids) love about Kiddie country are the enormous shaded playground, the fantastic early music program, the education credentials of the staff, the design of the physical building itself (very open and unique), the generous student/teacher ratio, and, of course, the pool in the summertime!

One of the best testaments to Kiddie Country is the fact that our children never complain when we drop them off.  They always run happily into the room to see what activity awaits them…and even sometimes drag their feet when we pick them up!  Mary is already in her third year along with Truman, who is a year younger.  We also look forward to bringing our baby into the mix next summer and wouldn’t dream of taking him anywhere else!  If you believe that your toddler’s care and preschool should be without compromise, thenKiddie Country is for you.

― R. M.Kiddie Country parent

We have the pleasure of watching our two kids grow, learn, and thrive in the Kiddie Country environment, all the way from the nursery program through the kindergarten class.  During our time here, we have been nothing but impressed by the staff, curriculum, and overall atmosphere that Kiddie Country provides.

When we leave for work in the morning, we have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that our kids are cared for in every way while they are out of our care.  Every employee at the school truly seems to enjoy working here, and it became apparent very quickly that they take a lot of pride in the school and the work that they do.  In the mornings at drop off time, everyone is always upbeat and very eager to greet the kids by name, and their energy and optimism is contagious.  It is a very fun place to be!

Our kids truly enjoy their days here, and we love hearing about their experiences, including things that they have learned and the friendships that they build.  They especially enjoy making all of their arts and crafts, and exude such pride and excitement when they show them to us.  They also love Kiddie Country’s music program, and we often overhear them singing songs that they have learned or songs that they are practicing for the annual spring show, which is the highlight of the school year for the kids and parents alike!  It is honestly our favorite day of the year.  We are also very happy with the great student to teacher ratio offered in all of the classrooms.  We are very lucky to have found such a wonderful school for our kids.

― A.L.Kiddie Country parent

I wanted to take a minute and write to let you know what a wonderful eight years our family has enjoyed being part of Kiddie Country.  I have not once regretted our decision to entrust the care and well being of our son, Ryan, to the excellent teachers and staff.  It has been a true blessing to be able to go to a demanding and often stressful job and be assured that my son had a protective and nurturing environment.  Ryan has thrived and benefitted from the many friendships he has developed along the way – not only with his fellow attendees- but also with the staff.  I truly thank you all for the life-enriching environment Ryan has been able to participate in and I want you to know how much we have benefitted from and appreciate the well rounded education instruction Kiddie Country has provided.

From the music classes, dance, and Spanish classes, Ryan has been exposed to a well-rounded education.  The spring programs have also always been a real treat to attend.  I think Ryan’s proclivity to the cello definitely started from the musical education he gained while at Kiddie Country.  Again, thank you all for being part of our family.  Thank you for the care of our much-loved son!  Wishing you all continued success and meaningful impact on many more kids to come.

― M.R.Kiddie Country parent