What Makes Kiddie Country So Special?

• A professional staff of teachers with degrees and/or a CDA and highly trained assistants.

• A Music Director who introduces the children to a wide variety of music. This is accomplished through enriching, fun experiences that include singing, movement, and experience with rhythm instruments. Music classes are conducted in a specially designed and equipped music classroom.

• Our impressive Preschool through Pre-kindergarten Programs that are guided by Creative Curriculum and filled with active, challenging learning experiences

• Our fantastic Elementary Before and After School Program for 6 — 11-year-olds, and our very popular Elementary Summer Camp Program. Both designed with the natural interests of school-aged children in mind.

• A plethora of age-appropriate educational materials that stimulate exploration and creativity.

• An award-winning facility designed especially for children.  Includes heated outdoor swimming pools and spacious, shaded playground.

• Numerous special events that include school-year orientations; a winter celebration, monthly family and community engagement events, on-site presentations and a variety of other meaningful planned happenings

• Years of established commitment to low child/staff ratios so that the attention each child deserves and needs can be realized.

• Licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia, accredited by the National Accreditation Commission, and designated as a Virginia Quality program.



We believe that inspirational experiences in a nurturing and safe setting energize young children to be excited about learning.  Kiddie Country optimizes each child’s growth and development through our engaging and robust curriculum that promotes progress across all domains, including language, cognitive, physical, and social/emotional development.  Our highly qualified, degreed teachers and classroom assistants advance learning through exploration, open-ended activities, intentional play, hands-on experiences, reflective assessment, differentiation, scaffolding, and individual and group interactions.  Classroom staff are knowledgeable about child development, caring, and responsive to children’s needs.  Kiddie Country believes the quality of care that children receive in the early years has a lasting effect and strives to maximize the overall development of every child in an atmosphere of warmth, love, and expertise.

Policies of Interest

School Closures

Kiddie Country closes on most Federal holidays and on announced Federal Government closure days, e.g. severe weather, special events, etc. If the Federal Government announces a one, two, or three-hour delay, we will delay opening by the same amount of time. If the Federal Government has an early dismissal, we ask that parents pick up their child(ren) as early as possible. Please note that we reserve the right to close at any time. We are also closed for staff professional development days throughout the school year as well as the last week in December for winter holiday.

Snow/Severe Weather
Kiddie Country will make every possible effort to open on snow/severe weather days. Emails and text messages will be sent to families addressing any changes in our normal operating hours. You can also visit this website or check our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/KiddieCountry/ for closing updates.