What Makes Kiddie Country So Special?

• A professional staff of teachers with bachelor's or advanced degrees and highly trained assistants.

• A Curriculum/Programs Director who has attained community-wide respect for Kiddie Country's outstanding model programs.

• A Music Director who introduces the children to a wide variety of music. This is accomplished through enriching, fun experiences that include singing, movement, and experience with rhythm instruments. Music classes are conducted in a specially designed and equipped music classroom.

Registered nurses who provide daily professional support to our families.  Our RN's administer developmental screenings, teach health-related topics, and work with parents and county experts to identify and service children with special needs.

• Our impressive Preschool through Kindergarten Programs filled with active, challenging learning experiences.

• Our fantastic Elementary Before and After School Program for 6 — 11 year olds, and our very popular Elementary Summer Camp Program. Both designed with the natural interests of school-aged children in mind.

• A plethora of age appropriate educational materials that stimulate exploration and creativity.

Computer stations placed in every classroom.  All are equipped with a variety of inviting software.  iPads are used by Jr. Kindergarten and Kindergarten students.

• An award winning facility designed especially for children.  Includes heated outdoor swimming pools and a spacious, shaded playground

generously equipped with fun, safe play equipment.

• Numerous special events that include school-year orientations; a winter musical program; a phenomenal off-site, end-of-the-year theatrical extravaganza; a graduation for kindergartners; a school-age overnight camp-out; an abundance of spectacular field trips and on-site presentations; and a variety of other meaningful planned happenings.

• Years of established commitment to low child/staff ratios so that the attention each child deserves and needs can be realized.

• Active, pursuit of positive family-school partnerships through the building of mutual respect and ongoing open communication and collaboration.

Licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia, accredited by the National Accreditation Commission, and designated as a Virginia Quality program



Kiddie Country is dedicated to providing appropriate optimum experiences for all the children we serve. By virtue of being a “developmental learning center,” Kiddie Country must attend to these five needs of the child: physical developmentemotional developmentsocial developmentcreative development, and intellectual development. Recognizing the importance of the early childhood period, Kiddie Country's program is based on a semi-structured approach to learning, reflecting a balance between play and structured learning activities. 

The program for two- and three-year-olds, while meeting all five developmental needs, emphasizes language development, motor skills, and social skills. The intermediate developmental program for four- and five-year-olds enhances emerging language and motor skills.  Other important components include building basic concepts, encouraging sound reasoning, and reading and math activities.  The latter part of this program includes an introduction to phonics.

Kindergarten for five- and six-year-olds provides a transitional environment towards the more structured learning the child will encounter in first grade.  The child will develop reading, writing, language, and mathematical skills.  Components of the language arts program include the Phonovisual method, which will establish a strong phonics background, as well as basal and easy readers, shared reading experiences, and daily writing experiences.

In order to translate Kiddie Country's philosophy into productive activities for the children, a curriculum was systematically developed for each age level.  To ensure a high quality program, each of the following goals are achieved by our curriculum.

The curriculum. . .

. . . addresses all five developmental needs.
. . . reflects the continuous process of development.
. . . assures that each program includes language development, social studies, science, language arts, math, literature, music, and art.
. . . assures that a standard program is completed in all classrooms.
. . . presents developmentally appropriate activities and skills that foster a positive attitude towards learning.
. . . is a “living document,” subject to constant evaluation, utilizing the most current research documented by top authorities in the field of education.
. . . recognizes that not only planned activities, but the entire day’s activities, such as eating and resting, qualify as curriculum.
The goal of Kiddie Country's curriculum is to maximize the complete development of every child in an atmosphere of warmth, love, and understanding.

Policies of Interest

School Closures
Kiddie Country closes only on National/Federal Holidays and on announced Federal Government closure days.

Snow/Severe Weather
Kiddie Country will make every possible effort to open on snow/severe weather days. Those children who are enrolled for before and after school care will be provided full-time care on an extra fee basis if the County schools are closed. Closings will be posted on our home page: www.kiddiecountry.com or call Kiddie Country at (703) 644-0066 for a recorded message.